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San Miguel Arcángel
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Youth and Young Adult Ministry


DJC is a very active group of teenagers and young adults searching for different opportunities, learning about their faith, serving their community. DJC has been active for many years. The DJC works with a Retreat Team, Liturgical Team and has a Core Group.
We participate in many activities. The youths and young adults serve as Ushers, Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and sing in the choir. We have three goals:

Goal 1: Empowerment

To empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

We know that young people are seeking. Youths and young adults seek to find the adventure of their lifetime. They look for a way to contribute something important to the world. They look for a cause to belong to, a cause to throw their life into. As a faith community, we offer young people the challenge of life as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This effort includes…

  • providing a spiritually challenging and world shaping vision for life.
  • evangelizing youths and young adults, drawing them into personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • calling youths and young adults to discipleship.
  • providing opportunities for youth and young adults to join in service, ministry and leadership
  • providing catechesis for youths and young adults.
  • helping youths and young adults to explore their vocation.


Renewing the Vision identifies four important faith communities for young people: the family, the parish, the Catholic school, and the youth-serving organization.

We help youth connect to a network of support in their various communities. This effort includes…

  • supporting families of youth by providing resources, programs and information;
  • integrating youth into the life of the parish community;
  • promoting belonging in the Catholic school community;
  • building participation in youth-serving organizations.

Goal 3: Growth

To foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.
We know that young people are growing. This time in their life brings dramatic physical, social, intellectual and spiritual changes. As the body of Christ, we offer youth a place to grow. We offer experiences and opportunities for youths/young adults to grow in positive ways, to learn their faith and use their gifts in service to others. As a community, we use our creativity and resources to respond to youths/young adults that are seeking, striving and growing. We foster this growth through our active engagement of youth/young adults in the life of our communities. We seek to…
support the development of healthy, competent, caring and faith-filled youth.

  • support the development of healthy, competent, caring and faith-filled youths/young adults.
  • address their unique developmental, social and religious needs.
  • foster positive adolescent development.
  • promote Catholic identity.
  • address the obstacles and challenges to healthy development.

Interested call the parish office @ 432-570-0952.